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Our Principal

Jackson_Mrs. Elizabeth12Mrs. Jackson may be described as an institution at Immaculate Prep with 32 years of experience teaching in the class room. She then served as Acting Principal from 2009, following the retirement of Miss Theresa Mendes. She was appointed the post of Principal in September 2010 and continues to head the Preparatory School today.

Mrs. Jackson enjoys eating many things but her favorite foods are fruits, soup, chow mein, dumplings (fried or boiled) and stew peas. In her spare time she may be found either playing puzzles, Scrabble or Suduko.

Her personal philosophy is that “We are all placed here for a purpose – be the best you can be! Learn to live peaceably with others”.

She sums up her experience at ICPS as amazing primarily because of the people she has met along the way including the smallest child, colleague and parent who all show her a “piece” of God in creation.
One of Mrs. Jackson’s fondest class moment was in her last year of teaching grade 3, when she was handing over the baton to a young teacher and watched as this younger teacher “break out” over things she had long taken for granted!

Another favorite class moment was seeing an eight year old student master division and with confidence work out long division on the floor of the school’s balcony using chalk.



Principal’s Message

Here at Immaculate as our motto states we strive for excellence not only in the Academic Field, but also in the total development of each student. We place special emphasis on fostering Christian Attitudes through our five values of Respect, Faith, Hope, Love and Unity.

It is our hope that each student will “live” these values and so “make a difference” wherever she goes.

Let us work together to ensure that we help each child to accept herself and to develop her talents and self-confidence. If we can do this, all of us Staff, Parents and students will be able to say, “We have done our best.”

We pray for God’s guidance in all our endeavours.