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It is well known that extracurricular activities outside of the classroom can have a positive impact on children. At Immaculate Conception Preparatory School, our students can get involved in many such extracurricular activities.

During School – Sports

Physical education forms an essential part of our programme for all students. Swimming is also required during the regular school day for Grades 1 to 6. Students are assigned to 3 houses:

  • Fatima – Yellow
  • Guadelupe – Red
  • Lourdes – Blue

Inter house competitions are held throughout the year.

During School – Non Sports

“Activity Time” is scheduled each Friday afternoon, and cover a wide range of offerings such as fun with puzzles, sewing and drama. Activities are determined at the beginning of each school year by all teachers and our offerings will change from year to year. We also encourage parents with a special skill to offer their time and come in and share with the students during the Activity hour. Students are given the opportunity to rotate their chosen activity mid-year.

After School

Extracurricular activities which are organized through the school include sporting, non-sporting and
club/community groups. These are detailed below.


Geared at the student’s health and well-being, sports can be fun and helps to develop character. These include:

  • Karate
  • Netball
  • Swimming


Geared at promoting innovative and inspired experiences and enhancing useful skills such as persistence and focus, non-sporting activities include:

  • Chess
  • Dancing
  • French
  • Homework Supervision
  • Robotics
  • Smarty Pants Club

Clubs and Community Groups

Joining a club is a great option for building life skills, leadership and teamwork. Our offerings include:

  • Brownies Club
  • Early Act Club
  • Environmental Club

The extracurricular activity list for 2014 with pertinent information such as scheduled times, cost and location can be accessed here.

There are also extracurricular activities which are arranged by private organizations, but facilitated on the school compound. Further details on these privately organized extracurricular activities can be accessed in the Main Office. They currently include:

  • Piano
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Tennis