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Home School Association

The Home and School Association (HSA) had its inaugural meeting on Wednesday, December 3, 1969. This is a group of dedicated parents and teachers who volunteer their time and energies to ensure that the interests of the students at Immaculate Conception Preparatory School (ICPS) are best served.

The parents or guardians of students currently registered at ICPS automatically become members of the HSA. Membership also extends to the school faculty.

The purpose of the Association is to provide opportunities for parents and teachers to become acquainted with each other and offers parents a firsthand knowledge of the school, its policies and the type of education which is being offered to their daughters. It also provides a forum where parents may voice their concerns. The Constitution of the HSA can be downloaded here.

Annual elections are made to select the members of the HSA Executive Committee, who are entrusted with carrying out the made of the Association. The principal and a teacher representative also serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

In addition to an Annual General Meeting, special meetings are arranged each academic year to give parents the opportunity to meet class teachers and to discuss what is expected from the students, parents and the teacher. In the Easter Term, parent/teacher meetings are arranged in order to discuss each child’s progress.

To learn more about the HSA and the ways in which you can volunteer your time, expertise and talents in areas where needed, download the HSA brochure here.