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Our HSA Executive Committee 2022-2023



Immediate Past President LeAnn Chuck DaCosta

President Hugh Gayle

Vice President Diahann Gordon-Harrison

Treasurer Allison Tulloch

Secretary Marsha Rowe

Assistant Secretary Melanie Fitz-Henley

Officer Chantelle Cespedes

Officer Kirti Lohana

Officer Lakesha Ross-Duncan

Officer Chris Taylor

Class Liaison Officer Nadia Frampton

Class Liaison Officer Yashu Garg


Our Mission is to support the school in achieving its goals and objectives by:
1. Helping parents & teachers acquire a profound appreciation of Christian education
2. Helping parents & teachers understand their mutual responsibilities and encourage a greater degree of cooperation between home and school in discharging their responsibilities
3. Helping parents in studying and promoting influences and methods best suited to make effective the guidance and training of their children
Complement the efforts of the school in maintaining and improving the facilities through fundraising activities and self-help projects with their projects to enhance your child’s learning experience.