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Immaculate Conception Pre-School

 The Immaculate Conception Pre-School offers a programme which is developmentally appropriate for two and three year olds. The individual needs of each student are met as they are engaged in a loving, supportive, rich and creative educational experience.

Opportunities are provided to enhance Critical Thinking Skills through academic learning activities which are engaging, Play-Based, Hands-On and STEAM infused activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). A great emphasis on PLAY is highlighted throughout the programme which allows and encourages young children to naturally love attending school and enjoy the process of learning.

Open-ended play materials are provided to allow children to build and create freely. They are encouraged to enjoy the process of creating art by exploring and experimenting with a variety of art media, rather than only focusing on the end product of their creations.

Children develop Social Skills as they are given the tools to help learn how to self-regulate. They are also equipped with Mindfulness techniques and methods for coping with stressful situations. Our students leave the Pre-School with confidence as they make a very smooth transition along with strong friendships and they perform very successfully in our Kindergarten.

Vocabulary and Language Skills are enhanced through stories and daily interaction with caring adults. This aids the children in appropriately expressing their needs and feelings. They also learn how to relate to each other in a calm and respectful manner; one which displays kindness and incorporates the esteemed values of the Immaculate Conception Preparatory School.