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Current Students

Chaneil Miller

When most people say the word “Immaculate” they think of something being perfect, but I think of a warm friendly place and the amazing “Immaculate Conception Preparatory School”. This has been the school I have attended for almost eight years now and the one I will have to graduate from in a few weeks. It has been so amazing here.

There are so many friendly people I met along the way and I have learnt so many valuable lessons. I have received so much advice and tips which I will definitely store to utilize throughout the rest of my life. Overall, I think Immaculate Preparatory has not only been a marvelous school but also a terrific “kick start” to high school and eventually the rest of my life. I certainly will miss attending this school.


Azariah Jones

Immaculate Conception Preparatory is a remarkable school. It has instilled incredibly important values into my behavior that I am sure I will never forget. The school “houses” you and it instantly becomes your second family because of the caring teachers and the warm and friendly environment. Along with education, Immaculate Prep has taught me things that have affected my life in the most positive ways ever and I know that I will never forget my time here.


Danielle Brown

Immaculate Conception Preparatory School has made a great impact on my life. I have learnt many keywords such as RESPECT, LOVE, UNITY, FAITH, DIGNITY and HOPE. Their meaning and what they stand for have helped me prepare for the next chapter-High School and throughout the rest of my life. All my teachers, past and present have taught me that I should never give up instead I should keep trying and give my best at any and everything I do. My future awaits me thanks to the solid spiritual foundation gained at ICPS, I am ready for the next step.


Taniel Carter

The past seven and a half years that I have been at Immaculate Preparatory have been the most exciting, learning filled and influential years of my life. From the day I started in Kindergarten One to the day I will leave in Grade Six, I learned some of the most important things about showing good character and succeeding in everything I endeavored. The teachers taught me to respect my classmates and elders, show honesty and be kind to others. I will always remember the good values showcased and demonstrated to me at Immaculate Prep.


Mia Mahfood

For the eight years I have attended Immaculate Conception Preparatory School, I have learnt everything I need to know for the future. The many values taught to me at this school will always play an important role in my life. I do not know how to thank Immaculate Prep enough for molding me into the best young lady I can be.

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