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Past Students

Sommer Machado – Past Student, Year of 1992

I was a student at ICPS from Kindergarten all the way thru 6th grade and those were some of the fondest days of my childhood. I always looked forward to going to school because it was always great fun. I loved swimming class and sports day the most. Go LOURDES!!! But my best memories took place playing under the banyan tree after school waiting for mom to come pick me up. Mrs Jackson is still my favourite teacher of all time!!! I wish I could go back. Sometimes I wish my 9 month old son Robbie was a girl because then I could send him there and re live my childhood.


Katana Finlason – Past Student, Year of 2012

I was awarded the “Immaculate Girl of the Year 2012.” I have now gone to Immaculate Conception High School, with the great knowledge and discipline I was given by the Preparatory School.

Having the “Immaculate Girl” title is such a great honour, but it isn’t just given to a student with a high average. Being the “Immaculate Girl” means you have certain qualities like leadership, kindness, trustworthiness and many more. This title is given to a student who will one day become a leader, so when you try your hardest and never give up, anyone can become an “Immaculate Girl.” It was a wonderful experience, I will never forget.

Being 4th generation Immaculate, I hope I made my Great Grandma, Grandma and my Mother proud.

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