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Tanya Chung

Tanya Chung

Mrs. Chung has had many years of experience in the classroom, after joining ICPS in 2006. She enjoys reading and playing board games but what is particularly interesting about her is her ability to make bird calls and identify many birds as well. Her personal philosophy is that “learning is for life”. She describes her experience at ICPS using the said acronyms:

I – Incredibly rewarding

C – Caring and Christian like environment

P – Positive Experience

S – Spiritually Uplifting

A favorite class moment…

I was in a science class demonstrating air pressure with a glass of water turned upside down. My demonstration was covered with a coaster and resulted in a big spill and I had to call out for “professional help” from colleague Mrs. Lewis amidst much ridicule and laughter from the class!

If you want to get her annoyed – demonstrate laziness and a “can’t bother attitude” – this she describes as being her greatest pet peeve.


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